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“White supremacist capitalist patriarchy (and these things can operate separately as well as in tandem) is a system of organization in which human beings are forced into boxes and categories that are constructed for the purpose of turning our bodies into machines; machines that benefit the captains of industry, robber…

Wanting affirmation/ acceptance/a head nod from Black people is a normal part of a growing conscience. You want the approval of the person who your people have done harm to because you believe in some way it absolves you of your deep sense of white guilt. Also, white people tend…

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. — Theophrastus

So there I was a new mom to a bouncing baby boy. Literally he bounced his little self everywhere! Up the walls, down the hall, in cabinets and on top of tables. And although I posted cute photos…

Elika Bernard

Elika Bernard is a communications expert, skilled orator, and prolific writer with an extensive history in the visual and performing arts.

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